Silicone Floss


When using soft, it is turning a tooth brushing part is useful for plaque and food debris removal. It prevents blood circulation to massage effect of gums and gum disease.


Product Name : Silicone floss
Brush material : PP nylon, stainless steel wire
Material : Silicone
Heat resistance temperature : 220 degrees
Manufacturing / salesman : brushes line Co., Ltd.

  Usage Precautions :

  • Please keep after use or after use to remove moisture and dry after cleaning.
  • Please use children under the protection of their parents, do not leave your child alone in use.
  • Children are so might swallow the product, special attention is required.
  • Please prohibits the modification and use of non-use.
  • Firearms attention, please use banned microwave.
  • If there is damage to the product, please use immediately replaced.
  • Do not apply excessive force. (It may be lost.)
  • Even if the product is discolored product is no longer there. Safe to use.