High Strength wire used!!”
Dupont thread used!!”

1998.3 Established Green Sushi system
2001. automatic brush machine development undertaken
(mascara brushes and dental machines)
Misol Tech Mergers
2002. Developed automatic brush machine
2003.7 Inc. brush line launch
Start interdental brush export consignment (Japan)
2005.12 Auto brush machine – PPS bidding Delivery
2007 Japan interdental brush – direct export
Automatic packaging machinery development delivery
2008.5 Scented – development interdental brush
(patent No. No. 10-0828402)
Dental distributors supply
2010 EVERDEN brand (Registration No. No. 40-0888603)
2011 pharmacy retail supply
Development of automatic floss machine launched
2014 Dental floss start of production