Dental Flosser

dental flosses

Dental Flosser

Ideal shape, slim and curved holder allows easy access to posterior teeth and makes it easy to place between teeth.
Good tensile strength gives fresh feeling whenever using it.

Use Teflon thread

Dental Flosses

  1.Floss Head : 

Smooth & thin tape-type floss slides between teeth. PTFE floss is flexible so comfortable to gum.

  2.Grip : 

Designed to handle and use easily.

  3.End : 

Designed toremove remaining food particles.

  How to Use :

1. Head : Gently slide floss up & down between teeth. Clean above and below gum line. Rinse if necessary.
2. End : Place pick between teeth and gently press against gum. Move in and out to remove food particle. Rinse if necessary.

  Usage Precautions :

  • Caution- Adult supervision for children. Gum may bleed when you first begin to floss.
  • If bleeding persists, see dentist. Please use this product for dental floss purposes only.