Dental floss

oral dental floss

Dental Floss

Sangsayi General of the teeth with a toothbrush that does not garbage or plaque (plaque) to effectively remove and prevent tooth decay and gum disease in the mouth, especially products that odor or if bleeding from the gums, periodontal disease is highly likely that periodontal disease If the sum of food between the teeth if the fitting is often always floss normally to maintain healthy teeth can use.

oral dental floss

  Features : 

Coated with a wax seal on a compact easily between the teeth can be stored.

  Packaging : 

12 individually packaged in a box and then packed in units sold

  How to Use :

  • After pulling a desired amount (usually 40 cm), hold the floss between the fingers. The floss can be wrapped around one or both fingers..
  • Tightly hold 2~3 cm of the floss with two thumbs and index fingers of both hands
  • Gently slide the floss between the teeth, scraping the side of each tooth, as well as the front and back of each tooth. Repeat the procedure for the upper and lower teeth.
    After using the floss between the molar teeth, rinse your mouth with water to wash out any remaining food particles.

  Using Effect :

Using our interdental brush, you can keep your teeth clean and gum healthy all the time by effectively removing food particles and plaque even in hard to reach areas.

  Usage Precautions :

Your gum may initially bleed in the first few days of flossing, but the bleeding will eventually stop. If the bleeding continues, consult with your doctor.