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Interdental Brush was developed to easily remove food dregs and plague in betwwen teeth.
It was especially developed for those who have difficulty in using dental floss (orthodntai,crown, irregualr set of teeth).
Interdental Brush is a brush with bristle on a thin wire. It rotated softly in between teeth and removes plaque.
Depending on the thickness of bristle quantity and wire, Interdental Brush is classified into thin, medium and thick. And depending on the shape of brush it is classified into tapered or
cylindrical type.

  Features : 

Our interdental brush is very handy, compactly designed and convenient to use. The interdental brush can effectively clean the molar teeth as its plastic neck covering the wire is very pliant, flexible, and can be safely folded without breaking. It is small-sized and very handy to bring along anywhere you go.

  Packaging : 

1, 5, or 10 bristles is blister-packed, in boxes containing 10 or 12 packs. The packed boxes are put in a C/T box.

  How to Use :

Use the interdental brush by making gentle brushing motions on your teeth 2~3 times.

  Using Effect :

Using our interdental brush, you can keep your teeth clean and gum healthy all the time by effectively removing food particles and plaque even in hard to reach areas.

  Usage Precautions :

  • Always remember to gently use the interdental brush even if there is narrow space between the teeth to avoid damaging your gums or snapping the wire and deform the bristles.
  • Turning the interdental brush during use may cause the bristle and the wire to fall out of the handle.
  • Do not use the brush with chlorine bleaches to avoid damaging it.
  • Avoid using the interdental brush for any other purpose than to clean your teeth.



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